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The Idea

There aren't many things better than a new notebook. All those empty, promising pages.  Writers love them. We collect them, as though the more we have, the more the inspiration will flow.  But, often, it's not quite that easy.

So, we go hunting for inspiration in other places... like this website. Except, this one is a little different (I know, they all say that).


There are countless books, blogs, articles, and courses about how to craft story / sentences / description / character / blogs / articles, etc. However, while there is a lot about how to write stuff, there is very little about how to get into the mindset to write. Which is curious, given that writers are a solitary bunch and often struggle with a variety of mental blockages (depression, writer's-block, lack of confidence, fear, and so on...).

The Writer's MoJo is an effort to bridge the gap between what writers want to do (ie. write) and what we actually do (procrastinate, clean, run away, etc.). And all packaged in a beautiful little notebook.


The Man Behind The Idea

Hi. My name is Jared. I've wanted to be a writer since I was 10 years old. 30 years later I'm still trying. 

In that time I've worked in prisons, in video stores, as a sign-writer, in local and central government as a strategy and policy advisor, and more. I got married, had four children, and somehow dragged myself through a Master's degree in psychology (thanks in large part to the whip-cracking skills of my wife).

And still, I try to write. 

I've drafted a few novels. And, left them unedited. I've started many more. And left them languishing too. All the while I've wondered why I found it so hard to do this thing that I apparently loved and wondered what I could do about it. 

The Writer's MoJo is an attempt to answer that question. It combines an assortment of my random interests: writing, psychology, and notebooks.


I hope that it will be of some use to you and help you battle the monster called 'Resistance'. 

Oh, and it gives you an excuse to buy another notebook :)

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