The 3-month, all-in-one, planner, coach and notebook for writers

A guide to becoming.

Becoming a writer is a journey. The Writer's MoJo is your travelling companion, not only providing the tools but teaching you the principles behind them. 


Don't wait for motivation. Create it. Everyday.

The Writer's MoJo has everything you need to help you win the day.

Morning &
night routine

Daily writing goals, wordcount, and writing prompts

Daily planner

Daily review

Motivation and wellbeing tools


Daily tasks


3-months of holistic planning.

The Writer's MoJo takes this into account and is ready to be your total-life planner. Now you can achieve your writing goals and thrive in the rest of your life too.

3 months of
daily scheduling

review pages

Writing tools 

(story-on-a-page, punctuation cheat sheet, and more!)

Mindset training exersizes

planning pages

Wellbeing activities

Writing project planning

13 week
overview page

And plenty of notespace!


See the MoJo in Action

The Writer's Mojo is an essential part of our founder's journey to be published. Visit his website, The Naked Writer, and witness him 'baring it all'.

He's no professional, but he's trying.
Just be warned... it ain't no masterclass. 

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*All images are prototypes. Final product may vary.

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