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MoJo Notebook - Pre-order Dec 1st 2021

The time is upon us.

It's been an up and down journey. We began over a year ago, and now twelve months later we have established a business, we've designed and redesigned the MoJo layout, we've started selling the digital versions of the Writer's MoJo, we've sourced a manufacturer and received samples, and we're now ready to open pre-orders on the physical version of the MoJo.

Needles to say, we're a little bit excited!

Starting a business in the middle of a global pandemic is one of the more uncertain things I've ever done, but I'm glad we're here. In fact, you could say that, without the pandemic, I never would been forced into a position to get creative with my next career step and the MoJo would not have been born. But, life threw me a pretty massive curve balls, and here we are. Still pushing, still creating.

MoJo Pre-orders available December 1st 2021

So, having said all that, FROM NEXT WEEK you will be able to pre-order your very own physical version of The Writer's MoJo, a journal/notebook/planner that I designed specifically to help writer's gather their thoughts and achieve their writing goals.

It contains planning tools (project, daily, weekly, monthly), psychological mind tools, story and writing tools, and plenty of notespace, as well as some other great little gems. It's a notebook, a journal and planner all in one!

So mark the date - there is only a limited run on this first batch, so make sure you get in fast and early! Come on... you know you want one. You can never have enough notebooks.

We will be offering the MoJo for 10% off for the first week. However, there are some further great deals on offer for all those that subscribe to our website. So, make sure you subscribe here.

Until next time,


PS - Some notes on shipping

To be totally transparent we do need to emphasise that when you pre-order the physical MoJo, there will be a delay in getting it to you. The MoJo will commence manufacturing in the next few weeks, and we are expecting to start shipping them to our customers sometime in January 2022. However, due to COVID-19 there have been some significant impacts on shipping timeframes, so while January is our goal to start shipping them to you, there may be delays. We will keep our customers updated on progress throughout the process.

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