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Update - MoJo Notebooks are in Production

Hi everyone,

Things have been progressing with the MoJo and I just wanted to send out a quick update letting everyone know that the physical copies of the MoJo notebooks are in production and nearing completion.

Manufacturing Update

Over the Christmas and New Year's period:

  • Samples were sent, and re-worked (there were some things not quite right with the samples) and re-checked to make sure they were exactly how we needed them to look.

  • The MoJo Notebook printing plates and the pre-printing process was completed.

  • The Notebooks are now in production and we expect this first batch of notebooks to be out of printing and binding and ready to go in the next 1-2 weeks.


  • Once the notebooks have been completed, they will be ready to ship to us in New Zealand from our manufacturers in China. There could be delays as a result of the Chinese New Year.

  • Unfortunately, due to the considerable increases in freight prices (due to COVID-19), we need to go with sea-freight instead of air-freight. This means a slower journey, but it also helps us keep prices down considerably.

  • Once we have them with us in New Zealand (and they have cleared customs, etc.) we will be sending them out to you ASAP.

  • You should receive an email from us once your notebook is on its way to you.

I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to those of you who have shown interest in the MoJo and have supported us. We are a new, home-run business and, as such, there are a few teething problems. Complications with a worldwide pandemic have also not helped. It is a labour of love for us and we hope that, once you eventually receive your notebooks, you will also love it.

Feel free to send us any questions if you have them.

I'll send further updates once the notebooks are on their way to us, and when we have them in our hands.




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