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Welcome to the beginning.

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Well. It’s the beginning of our journey. We’re still moving in, putting things away, tidying things up, making everything presentable for visitors.

But, I heard somewhere once that it was better to execute quickly rather than wait before everything was perfect. So, here we are. Not waiting.

I'm hoping that this will become a welcoming place for writers of all shades and varieties. A place to find inspiration, tips, encouragement, and tools. Specifically, the website aims to include:

  1. Most importantly - the home of The Writer’s MoJo - a motivation journal specifically designed for writers. Here you will be able to buy your own journal and also see other exciting versions we hope to create in the future.

  2. Motivation tips to help us get the mindset right so we beat that mental and emotional resistance that plagues so many writers.

  3. Writing tips and thoughts - of course what kind of site for writing would be complete without a space for tips and thoughts on the art of writing itself.

  4. Community - over time we hope to build up a thriving MoJo community where we can support and inspire each other.

So, that’s it. Make yourself comfortable. Have a look around. We’ll be along shortly with more updates.

It’s great to have you here.

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