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Magic MoJo Blanket for writing and reading

Magic MoJo Blanket for writing and reading

SKU: 3679242339

You've heard of magic carpets but have you heard of magic blankets?

Well, here you go! The Magic MoJo Blanket is infused with a special writerly and readerly transportative magic unique to this blanket alone. When you put it on, you will be deeply imaginatively connected to whatever it is you are writing or reading. See that deep blue? That's a magic blue, like a deep, creative ocean that you will get lost in. So inviting. See that magical MoJo logo... that's the key, your magic talisman pulling you deeper into your creative, inner world, channeling creative energies through space and time. Ooooo... magical.

So, order yours today and curl up with your latest book and get lost in your creative worlds.

.: 95% Polyester 3% Viscose 2% Spandex
.: One side print
.: Water-absorbent

Note - this blanket is not really magic... unless you believe it is. Then? Well, don't blame us if your family needs to come looking for you because you've become lost in a story so deep you've forgotten where (and maybe even who) you are. 

Second note: If multiple, different products have been ordered, they will ship separately from different locations. 

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