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Magic MoJo Notebook - Spiral, Ruled

Magic MoJo Notebook - Spiral, Ruled

SKU: 3679172862

Ahhhhh... notebooks. We love them. So empty. So full of potential. We can just feel the ideas about to overflow.

But, this is not just any normal notebook. This is a magic MoJo notebook. See that logo right on the cover? That means that it is ready to pull in extra creative energy and inspiration, unlocking your inner muse and creating a free-flow effect from muse, to brain, to pen, all in one seemless creative cycle. Sounds amazing right? That's because it is. 

So, come on. You know you need another notebook. 

.: 118 ruled line single pages
.: Front cover print
.: Black back cover

Note: This notebook is not actually magic... unless you believe it to be and then... well, who knows what can happen.

Second note: If multiple, different products have been ordered, they will ship separately from different locations. 

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