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The Magic MoJo Mug for writers... or 'Mmm' for short

The Magic MoJo Mug for writers... or 'Mmm' for short

SKU: 3678857210

Mmm... that first sip after you've made a mug of your favourite, magical beverage. Now you're ready to write. Or to read. Or just to dream.

But, it gets even better because this is not just any generic black mug that you could buy online. Oh no.

Looking deep into the mug's inky black surface we find the truth.

Each Magical MoJo Mug has been infused with special MoJo writing magic sourced direct from your creative muse through a mysterious positive-writerly-wizarding process that has harnessed the creative energy from writers across space and time. And now it will serve as your personal magic writing talisman, unlocking your creative juices so that wordsmithery brilliance will flow direct from you fingers and into your work in progress. 

So, buy yours today and with every sip, feel that magic flow.

Let's say it together... Mmm. 


.: Black ceramic
.: 11 oz (0.33 l)
.: C-handle

.: A note:  This mug is not actually magic... unless you believe it to be and then... well, who knows what can happen.
.: Another note: We take no responsibility for what writerly magic occurs or does not occur as a result of you using this mug.
.: A third note: If multiple, different products have been ordered, they will ship separately from different locations. 

  • This item ships separately from the MoJo notebooks and from a different destination.

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